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Here are a few questions which get asked regularly. More questions willl be answered as the weeks go by.

Where do you come from? Yes it's true, this is probably the most asked question I get. Believe it or not I'm from Idle, on the outskirts of Bradford
How did you get started?
I started like many people on karaoke. My first ever try was around 6 or 7 years ago at The Sidings Bar below the Midland Hotel in Bradford. The first song I ever sang was Teddy Bear
What is your favourite Elvis song? There are so many I like. I tend to prefer the later ballads. If it came down to it I would probably have to say "Always On My Mind".
Why do you never wear a white suit? Almost everybody remembers Elvis for his white suits, although he wore many other colours. As a mark of respect I leave the white suits to the man who could really wear them with style. The "white" suit I now wear from time to time is in fact cream.
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